About Us

This is the blog of Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen.

Medical Museion is a combined research and museum department attached to the Institute of Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences.

Historically, we have grown out of the former Medical History Museum in Copenhagen, founded in 1906.

In 2003 the Faculty of Health Sciences approved a new strategy for the department. Our focus is cultural and historical studies of contemporary medicine through

  • research
  • teaching
  • acquisition and management of collections
  • public outreach, particularly in the form of exhibitions

In 2005 the Novo Nordisk Foundation awarded us a major grant for the integrated research and curatorial project “Danish Biomedicine 1955-2005: Integrating Medical Museology and the Historiography of Contemporary Biomedicine”.

The following people are currently contributing to the project — which we have begun to call “Biomedicine on Display”:

  • Thomas Söderqvist, professor (principal investigator)
  • Camilla Mordhorst, assistant professor, head of exhibitions
  • Søren Bak-Jensen, senior curator
  • Susanne Bauer, postdoc
  • Sniff Nexø, postdoc
  • Jan Eric Olsén, postdoc
  • Jesper V. Kragh, postdoc
  • Adam Bencard, research assistant
  • Rikke Vindberg, research assistent
  • Hanne Jensen, phd candidate
  • Martha Fleming, visiting asssociate professor
  • Ion Meyer, collection manager, academic conservator
  • Anders Olsen, registrar