Is Cyber Crime the Fifth Dimension?

We try to understand whether the cyber realm is the fifth dimension, so my point of view or my perspective about things it’s a second-order dimension. It has an enormous effect a bilateral engagement again with human behavior in air naval and inland and ground, those physics newton dimensions. As we are talking about fake news and economies and stock market exchanges and AI versus, it has an existence within this domain. Digital bits working on digital bits but also but eventually creating an effect on our day to day lives, and we have to understand that the cyber realm represents a new domain with unique physics. Those who are not familiar with the Newton did not write any equations are to deal with, and no modern understanding that was created within the last 100 years between our nations, talking about boundaries and borders and governances applies to cyber.

Whether it’s easy or complex to attribute in an event a cyber assault, the key question that we are trying to solve here – let’s say that we have attributed, how can we respond, does a kinetic use of force applies in a cyber event. An attack or an assault that was launched from country a go through four through countries B’s and c2 country D, how can we ask the countability for those middle countries and those key questions I think, put on the table in front of us, because this is the key discussion that has to happen between modern democracies that believe in being secured and safe. Providing safety to our citizens. We can push them to install anti viruses and anti phishing tools and such, but that’ just the tip of the surface.

Democracies can be affected by different players. We understand that hacking groups are bad, but when we come as a nation as a government trying to defend ours to defend our civilians, citizens, in their daily lives in the their businesses, as they expect from us then we face some difficulties because they say no, cyber gets with my private life you have to go into my cell phone, you have to go into my network into my computer so they expect their governments to protect them. Without the ability because it collages with one of our main core values – the right of privacy, but on the same with the same breath we as individuals take all our private lives and hand it to multinational corporations, and we are good with that.

I didn’t find a reasonable solution to this enigma. Why we are not willing to assist our democratic government to secure us but with the same man we are pushing all our lives information personal information, our well-being into the ends of people we don’t know, we don’t know what their motives and tomorrow they can do anything with this information, and we expect our government to have some type of governance or sovereignty over those companies but they don’t. This is something that again is a coal coalition if you’d like we need to solve.

Speaking about AI and AI teams, it’s not only about taking or exfiltrating our data. I don’t know how many of you heard that who burst to stop assist their autonomous car program, so we are going to have within two, three, five, ten years fleets of autonomous vehicles running around, operated by AI mechanisms in the cloudy news. Somebody will find a way, and they will find, believe me, to have an effect on those then you’ll have missiles on wheels going and killing people on the streets. We need to resolve to solve some issues. How can you retaliate what is the engagement if you’d like laws, I’m not into politics so maybe I’m using the wrong terminology and when those capabilities will fall into what we call the global terror groups, it’s going to be very difficult for all of us to solve. The bad news, there isn’t any single route, I can share with you that cyber is not technology because cyber is a lot more depth than technology, the bilateral engagement with human lives, human behavior. Technologies will and can produce those solutions in most aspects but we have to change our mindsets as governments, as nation-states players in this new realm, in this new reality if you’d like. We should create alliances. The last time that we created alliances was after the Second World War. We are facing another one, the third one, about beliefs using new type of capabilities, so let’s create those alliances and coalition’s if you’d like, any cooperation around, solving very fast, maintaining our core existence is democracy, is maintaining our core values, is the right privacy but finding the very delicate fabric of going within those two complexities. To conclude, there’s a new normal. It’s going to affect our economies, it’s going to affect our relationship between individuals, between organizations, between countries it has an effect. It goes from the digital realm the virtual one, it will affect who run somewhere on PLC zone industries, on the autonomous platform, it will have an effect on our lives so the threat is imminent we should find a way. If you’d like multinational legislation. Every government within its state but to cooperate on this mutual understanding level, and I know that I already said three times so this is going to be the fourth and fifth alliances. This is the key mechanism to deal with what we are going to face.